Strings on Speed

Strings on Speed is a music video game similar to Frets on Fire in which players simulate guitar play using their keyboard. It doesn't come with any songs, but it works with the same song files used by FoF.


Select a song directory with the ingame file browser and press the 'OK' button.
Use the F1-F5 keys as your fret buttons and strum with the 'Enter' key.

To play in multiplayer mode, one of the two players has to host a game, while the other players have to connect to the hostet game.

- Host:
There are two ways to host a game, either using the dedicated server (SoSds.exe) or doing it in-game. Here only the in-game way is described:
In the server list select 'Advanced', then select 'Host Game' under Multiplayer/Mode, enter a port and press the 'Connect' button.(Make sure that your firewall/router doesn't block the port you use. Go here if you are not sure how to do that.) If you don't want your server to be listed on the server list, check the 'LAN' box.

- Connect to a hosted game:
Select 'Connect to Server' under Multiplayer/Mode, enter the IP adress and port of the server and press the 'Connect' button. Alternatively you can try to use the Server List (Click on 'Multiplayer') where a server will be listed if the host did not check the 'LAN' checkbox. (Unfortunately the server list does not always work, so you might have to exchange the server IP/port using an instant messanger for example)

- Set up a game:
The lobby leader (the first player to enter the server) has to select a song and set the difficulty/mode. If all the other players have the song and want to play it, they have to press 'Ready' so the lobby leader can start the game. To play a song together in multiplayer all players need to have that song stored locally. If you think you have the song, but the filecheck says otherwise try to select the song manually using 'Select Song'. If the filecheck is still negative after that it means you have different version of the song than the lobby leader.

- Video guide on how to play multiplayer:


Strings on Speed is released under the GNU General Public License.